Welcome to EasyLoad.

With EasyLoad, you can download video or audio from any site – simply provide us the link and we'll do the rest!

Simply copy a link from any site and paste it above. You can download the video (MP4) or download as an audio file (MP3).
Easyload downloads every video from the internet you want – for free. Simply click "download" and select your desired quality like MP4, MP3 or many others afterwards.
You can obviously also download any audio file from a given site – additionally, Easyload automatically converts every given file format to an audio-only track like MP3.
Quality selection
After you entered your link you can choose qualities like 240p, 480p, 720p or choose from different framerates or codecs.
Convert to other formats
After you entered your link you can choose common used formats like MP3 and MP4. However, you can also download specific formats like video, audio, MP4, FLV, MV4, WEBM, MKV, AVI, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, M3U8 and many more.
ID3 tags
When downloading MP3 files from sites, artist and title can be enabled for your files. Optionally, you can also edit them before you download the file.
Fast & Free
Easyload has its own servers where we can process downloads to serve you the best quality files from video or audio hosting sites – and everything for free.
So how does it work?
You give us your link where a video/audio file is hosted. Simply copy the url of the webpage – we'll do the rest.
While you see a loading indicator, the link is fetched on our servers and all information needed is gathered to serve the download from the site as soon as possible.
If necessary, the download gets processed on our servers, for example from video to MP4, or from audio to MP3.
Now, your file starts downloading. Note that you can download as much as video/audio files you like – there is no limit!